Marriage Course Program



1. Registration:

come to the parish Office and register. This should be done at least three/Six Months before the day you      plan to marry.

2. Baptism Card:

Bring your Baptism Card. if either party is baptized in a Non-Catholic Church, he/she must bring the certificate of that baptism and must attend Reception/Doctrine class.

3. Banns/Customary form:

Usually you will be given Banns of marriage

(a) That is a Letter to the Rev. Fr. in the town where Husband/wife lived before coming to St. Rita Catholic church, asking him to check and then inform us if the couple are free to marry.

(b) A letter/form to be signed by the father or Guardian of wife before the priest stating that the husband has paid dowry and has therefore contracted marriage with her according to native law and customs.  Experience has shown that such letter is better delivered by HAND.



In order to prepare for your marriage, pre-marriage course is arranged for the couple to attend for Twelve weeks before  marriage.

If for some reason one partner is living apart, he/she must attend the pre-marriage Course in the place where he/she is living and bring a letter from the Rev. Fr. to say they have completed the course.

The time for the marriage course is

Time: 7: PM

Days: Wednesdays and Sundays.

Place: St. Rita Catholic Church, Mararaba.


Things to Note in the Course of Marriage Course

  1. 1. INCOMPLETE COURSE: If marriage course is not completed your marriage may be postponed.

2. LATE COMING: If you come late, you stand outside and take lectures until the instructor says otherwise.

3. MARRIAGE DATE: The actual date of the marriage should not be fixed, until all these letters/forms have been returned to St. Rite Catholic Church.

4. WEDDING MASS: The normal time for marriage mass in St. Rita’s Catholic Church is 10.00am, on Saturdays or as arranged.

5. MOBILE PHONES: If you attend to your phone in the class you miss the class.

6. ABSENTEEISM:  Must get duly signed cover not from the parish priest to the facilitators before re-admission.

7. EXAMINATION: Written and oral test for the Candidates at the end of every four weeks.



1. VIDEO CAMERA: If you plan to have video camera at your wedding please inform the parish secretary on time.

2. SPONSORS: Your sponsors must be practicing Catholics. You should invite them to the marriage course as arranged.

3. PARENTS: The parents of both the bride and Groom are free to come for the marriage course.

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