• Offertory/Second Collection/Tithe: Today’s Second Collection is Catechetical Collection which is a Diocesan collection; we are all encouraged to donate generously. Again, today 1st Sunday of the month is designated for collection of tithe in the Parish. Parishioners can approach the Church Wardens for tithe envelops.
  • Community Thanksgiving: South/South Catholic Community: Thanking God for successful completion of novena to their Patron Saint, St. Francis and also for a successful feast celebration.
  • 2020 HARVEST THANKSGIVING & BAZAAR ACTIVITIES: The 2020 Harvest Thanksgiving & Bazaar Committee will commence the activities of the 2020 Harvest.
    1. Infant Baptism: Registration for Infant Baptism for month of October ends next week Sunday, 11th of October, 2020. Interested Parishioners should register at the Parish Office.
    2. Registration for Marriage Course Batch: The 2020 Marriage Course Batch C Programme will commence today, Sunday 4th of October, 2020. All registered Candidates and interested Parishioners are to be in attendance. The registration ends on the 3rd of October, 2020.
    3. October Devotion: October Devotion continues every day at exactly 5:00pm and ends with evening Mass at 6:00pm. As usual, Masses will be celebrated both morning and evening all through the month of October.
    4. CMO Constitution: All members of the Catholic Men Organization are by this announcement directed by the CMO President to pick a copy of the final draft of the amended articles of the CMO Constitution. You are to go through it vividly for its onward presentation and adoption at the General Congress meeting next month.
    5. 2020 Catechetical Week: The Catechetical Week for the year 2020 begins this Sunday, 4th October, 2020 with the celebration of the Holy Mass which has just been concluded. The theme for the week this year is “Crises in Married Life”. Interesting topics have been lined up which will be anchored by the Marriage & Family Life Committee of the Church during evening Masses all through the week after October devotion. All couples and intending couple are encouraged to participate actively in the programme.
    6. Meeting Schedules: Today, 1st Sunday of the month is designated for meetings of Tribal Communities. Parishioners are encouraged to identify with their various Tribal Communities. No other group is expected to meet when Communities are in session.
    7. Barns of marriage:
  • (1st Calling): Between Julius Igashi; Son of Adi Otaki and Paulina Otaki from: Keana, Nassarawa State and Ame Joan; Daughter of Allanana Odela and Hauwa Odela from Assakio, Nassarawa State.
  • (1st Calling): Between Christopher Imoter; Son of Gyegwe Ukanafa and Nyiekula Ukanafa from: Kunav Tsambe, Benue State and Iveren Blessing; Daughter of Terna Komgbenda and Mbameen Komgbenda from Ipav Mbanev of Benue State.

If there is any reason why they should not be wedded in the Catholic Church, please inform the Parish Priest in good time.

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